Winter Garden Indoor Blinds

Under-glass blinds providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays. We used Soltis 86 by Serge Ferrari – an amazing product.

The blinds are currently installed in a fixed position with tension provided by tubular springs at the top – ready for phase 2 – motorisation!


Ziptrak Blinds at Hunting Lodge

We recently returned to the Hunting Lodge to install Ziptrak outdoor blinds along the outside edge of the Oztech retractable pergola we installed last year during their renovation of The Barn.

Each of these blinds is 4 metres wide and 2.5 metres tall. We used Ferrari Soltis 86 mesh for the blind material. Soltis 86 has excellent properties for mesh outdoor blinds, especially larger ones like these – its best characteristics being its light weight and incredible strength and dimensional stability.