Fixed Pergola Roofs

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Stretched tight over pergola structures our architectural tensile PVC products provide shade, waterproofing and light. Made to measure and expertly tensioned during installation by our PVC technicians results in an attractive and long-lasting finish.

For waterproof fabrics we recommend a fall of 10% (10cm for each 1m). It is possible to retro-fit to an existing pergola that lacks fall by adding fall to the existing structure (see pictures in gallery below.)

Seam Welded

We have specialist high frequency welding equipment that permanently welds our sails together for the ultimate in weather-tightness, durability and aesthetic.

Master high frequency welding specialists ensure a top quality finish every time.

Ferrari PVC

sergeferrari logoWe recommend and use Serge Ferrari 502. It is the gold-standard of PVC for strength and durability. Ferrari is not cheap, but in our opinion it is worth every cent, as others don’t even come close.

Available in a wide range of colours:

ferrari185100-colour ferrari185100_2