Indoor Awning!?!

Ok, so usually its all about making the indoors out – in this case its quite the reverse!

The creative geniuses at GHDWoodhead creativespaces recently asked us to make a cafe-style awning over the servery window of the lunchroom at Microsoft’s NZ headquarters in the Viaduct. The result is a very relaxed outdoor feeling – inside what is very much an office building in an office park.

More at home out-of-doors, this awning is made from a light weight aluminium frame and covered in Docril UV-resistant acrylic canvas – it should prove more than capable of handling whatever the office weather or IT party animals throw at it.

New Plotter!

The transformation continues – last week we installed a plotter that can plot onto fabrics up to 3.5m wide and 13m long…

Already done over 2km of plotting this week – excluding the obligatory calibration/test/messing about!



Custom Blinds Muriwai

😀 Time for some fun! 😀 Move the slider from left to right on the image below – cool, huh? Then scroll down and watch the video! 😯


OK, so we’re quite proud of this one – everyone does rectangular/vertical blinds, easy peasy!

These blinds are triangular – oh, and they project on an angle – they’re not vertical, so we can’t rely in our friend gravity to ensure they work nicely (i.e. stay taught)

We combined every trick in the book (and some) to make these blinds work as required, and we searched from one end of the earth to the other to find a fabric that was up to the task (i.e. strong, not just in x and y dimensions, but also on the diagonal!) CLICK PLAY on the video below and see them all working in symphony – its glorious!

And, here is a gallery of photos from the project, in case you’re wanting more…