Ziptrak with Removable Post

An all-weather outdoor room in a matter of seconds! Ziptrak’s offer the ultimate in protection from wind and rain and can be installed in such a way that they blend into the environment when not required.

Removable posts are a great option when you have a large open span that you don’t want permanently interrupted. Removable posts are only available on manually operated Ziptrak blinds.

These Ziptrak also have the optional full pelmet fitted. This fully encases the roller tube at the top for a cleaner installation and added protection for the blind when opened.


Ziptrak Blinds at Hunting Lodge

We recently returned to the Hunting Lodge to install Ziptrak outdoor blinds along the outside edge of the Oztech retractable pergola we installed last year during their renovation of The Barn.

Each of these blinds is 4 metres wide and 2.5 metres tall. We used Ferrari Soltis 86 mesh for the blind material. Soltis 86 has excellent properties for mesh outdoor blinds, especially larger ones like these – its best characteristics being its light weight and incredible strength and dimensional stability.


Pt Chev Beach Cafe Retractable Pergola

Another job completed last week – an Oztech retractable pergola for Pt Chev beach cafe. Some tricky angles at play on this one requiring some out of the thinking to get total coverage of assymetrical patio. The solution involved an additional gutter installed on an angle and a fixed/permanent triangular in-fill. Result = total coverage and still looks really sharp.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, go grab a coffee, check out the roof, and get a testimonial off Karim, the proprietor!

Next up, track guided blinds all round to create the ultimate all-weather indoor-outdoor dining room!

New Plotter!

The transformation continues – last week we installed a plotter that can plot onto fabrics up to 3.5m wide and 13m long…

Already done over 2km of plotting this week – excluding the obligatory calibration/test/messing about!



Custom Blinds Muriwai

😀 Time for some fun! 😀 Move the slider from left to right on the image below – cool, huh? Then scroll down and watch the video! 😯


OK, so we’re quite proud of this one – everyone does rectangular/vertical blinds, easy peasy!

These blinds are triangular – oh, and they project on an angle – they’re not vertical, so we can’t rely in our friend gravity to ensure they work nicely (i.e. stay taught)

We combined every trick in the book (and some) to make these blinds work as required, and we searched from one end of the earth to the other to find a fabric that was up to the task (i.e. strong, not just in x and y dimensions, but also on the diagonal!) CLICK PLAY on the video below and see them all working in symphony – its glorious!

And, here is a gallery of photos from the project, in case you’re wanting more…